D. Clarke Blake





Sculptural art and functional objects from recycled materials


Artist Statement


In my early 20’s, as part of an effort to ascertain a future job path, I took an aptitude test.  A plethora of questions revealed the potential career of being either an artist or a trash collector.  Many years later, I am able to combine these two seemingly disparate career trajectories in my art practice.

I am intrigued by the vagaries of life and eccentricities of human nature, and I employ sculptural objects in an attempt to portray these in a humorous and whimsical way.

In addition to being frugal, a concern for the environment leads me to use recycled materials whenever possible.  I am disappointed when art can only be viewed from behind barricades, long lines of velvet ropes or sheets of Plexiglas.  A pragmatic nature inspires me to make functional items which permit touching of the objects and encourage viewer interaction.  A variety of materials and techniques are employed to convey ideas about the behavioral limitations and foibles of human nature. 

My current practice involves the creation of functional items based on dysfunctional phobias. 

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